Medical tourism in Vitebsk region.

   The center of Medical tourist services in Vitebsk and Vitebsk area specializes on working out and the organization of medical and improving programs in leading state clinics. Renders services of medical high-class tourism to patients from every corner of the globe. Our schemes of treatment are made individually for everyone. At your service there are best doctors specializing on concrete diseases, and the advanced medical technologies for the performance of various procedures.


    Taking into account the health problems of a person, our center provides the organization of specialized medical aid on the territory of Vitebsk and Vitebsk area in combined with pleasant rest.

   Our purpose – is to provides patients with health services of high level on the conditions most favourable to them. An individual approach to each patient - our distinctive feature allowing us to be in avant-guard of medical tourism of Belarus. Our personal advisers accompany patients throughout there stay here and help with the decision of all questions.

   An exclusive feature of our center activity consists in efficiency, responsibility and professionalism in the medical aid organization. All it thanks to direct cooperation with the medical organizations. It gives the chance in each separate case, on the basis of the presented extract from the case record, to carry out consultations at highly skilled experts from main medical institutions.

   We give patients some the developed programs, and also medical and specifications of recommended medical institutions, the diagnostic centers and sanatoria. All it allows the patient to be guided and make better the correct decision.

    Important note: the variety of medical programs offered by us is almost unlimited. This results from the fact that our association develops especially individual programs, concrete for each patient.

    Besides, our experience shows that the human factor is the extremely important. Therefore we make very high demands in questions of representation of interests of patients in medical institutions and the medical centers, caring of their health and their state of health.

    Having addressed to us, you will have received the qualified consultation, the help and the answers practically on any questions, concerning possible treatment in Vitebsk and Vitebsk area.  

    Vitebsk is located on a highland which is cut by ravines. The river Zapadnaya Dvina proceeds in city boundaries in the form of a horseshoe from the north-West to the southwest and divides the city into a left-bank, hilly part with deep ravines and a right-bank, with more flat relief.


    It is possible to use the artesian sources possessing large supplies of potable water and a mineral source on the base of wich the resort of "Lyottsy". During treatment excursions on sights of a city of Vitebsk and Vitebsk area can be organized.

   In vicinities of Vitebsk improving bases and sanatoria, a considerable quantity of the wood, lake, river natural complexes, including monuments, a various plant and animal life, the hunting and fishing grounds are located.

   . On a city render services of 4 comfortable hotels: a hotel complex "Vitebsk" on 432 places, hotel "Eridan" on 42 places, "Vetraz" on 241 place and "Dvina" on 40 places, is finished building of a modern hotel complex "Luchesa" on 250 places, an entertainment complex with bowling "the Gold calf"..

   We guarantee competence, quality, a correctness and full confidentiality of the mutual relations with patients.

Our expert will answer any your questions

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We invite to have a rest in the city of Vitebsk

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The center of medical tourism

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